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The Red Tab Foundation
is a public, nonprofit foundation that assists LS&Co. employees, retirees and their families who face problems caused by unexpected financial emergencies. RTF provides financial assistance, education and preventative programs to help these individuals in their own efforts to maintain their financial, physical and emotional health.

Friends and colleagues,

Given the current impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, last year can feel like many lifetimes ago. Most of us now know at least one person whose health or job has been affected and is threatened by losing access to food, shelter or healthcare.
This includes many LS&Co. employees and retirees who have or are turning to the
Red Tab Foundation (RTF) for support. In the midst of a situation that changes daily, when things may get worse before they get better, we wanted to take the time to look back at our recent accomplishments. 

2019 was a record year for Red Tab Foundation. We had greater visibility across the LS&Co. community and more support than ever before. As a result, the stakes were higher to deliver on our mission — and we’re happy to report that we’ve exceeded all of our major targets. 

While RTF has been providing support to LS&Co. employees and retirees for nearly four decades, the field of employee hardship funds is more prolific than ever, and we’ve embraced our role as a thought leader for the industry. Last year’s study by the Aspen Institute recognized RTF as a best-in-class organization and identified hardship funds as a critical tool to help fight financial insecurity. 


We often hear about the big stories like medical emergencies or natural disasters, but RTF also assists those who have fallen behind on rent or need help with car repairs. Every day, the foundation helps alleviate worry and provides critical aid to those suffering through financial stress. Accordingly, we’re working to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to fostering physical, emotional and financial well-being in our clients more effectively than ever. ​


As one of the oldest funds, we have years of experience to draw on - but it’s our duty to clients to keep innovating to ensure that we deliver maximum impact. 
We’re putting in the work today, so RTF can be a safety net for our LS&Co. family over the next four decades and beyond. 


Thanks to all for the generous support. 

FY19 Goals: 
  • Broaden Our Impact: We distributed more than 1000 individual grants, giving out an additional 7% to our employees in need. 
  • Deepen Our Support Base: FY19 was our fifth straight year
    of double-digit fundraising growth. We raised
    $1.8M, exceeding our target of $1.35M by 36%. 
  • Find Operational Efficiencies: We achieved an 85/15 program expense ratio, all while processing more grants
    and raising more funds than the previous year. 


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RTF’s hardship assistance program brings the LS&Co. value of empathy to life in a very tangible way. The daily outcomes
of this program are a bill paid, a home restored, a pair of eyeglasses purchased. But the impact of those grants is
far greater. For more than 900 individuals who faced
a seemingly insurmountable financial emergency, RTF
brought hope, relief, and a feeling that their colleagues have their back. This year, to ensure we’re driving the greatest impact for our community, we embraced testing new approaches to emergency assistance by launching a proof of concept to more efficiently get our employees the funds they need, when they need them most.

Financial Health Icon.png


A key component of financial health, access to short-term savings allows individuals to weather inevitable financial shocks and think ahead for the long term. But for the more than 25% of the U.S. population across all income brackets that is living paycheck to paycheck, that savings doesn’t exist. 
Our Red Tab Savers program is helping those individuals kickstart their savings by offering a $1 for $1 match. After six months, Savers have up to $500 of their own resources to access in case of an unexpected hardship. More importantly they’ve built a habit of savings: 95% of those who successfully completed the program continue to save month over month even after the program is over.  





In 2019, more than 65% of RTF assistance went to our retired manufacturing employees. We help with things like dentures, hearing aids and home repairs to make sure the individuals who made our iconic product have the assistance they need. It's our mission to make sure no one in our LS&Co. family falls on hard times.


47% of Americans don’t have $400 to fall back
on in case of an emergency. That’s why we created the RT Savers program, which offers a $ for $1 match and  teaches employees

how to save and gain confidence in their finances. Over 90% of

our employees who finished the program continued to save

after the six month match period was complete.




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GOLDEN HANDSHAKE ($50,000 - $200,000)

Charles Bergh

Levi Strauss Foundation

Ginnie and Peter Haas, Jr.

Mimi and Peter Haas, Sr. Fund

BIG E ($20,000 – $49,999)

Colleen and Bob Haas

Dan Haas

Elise Haas

Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund

Kelly McGinnis

Margaret Haas

Stephen Neal

FORTY-NINER ($10,000 – $19,999)

David Love

Jennifer Sey

Julie and Wally Haas

New York Stock Exchange

Robert Eckert

Roy W. Eaton

Seth Jaffe

Sissy and Ted Geballe

Thomas Tusher

SADDLEMAN ($5,000 – $9,999)

Anne Madison

Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

Bob Caldwell

Elizabeth O'Neill

Jim Ansel

Jim Phillips

Joyce Stephens

Karyn Hillman

Malcolm Goonetileke

Marc Rosen

Nicholas Meyer Haas

Pamela Judd

Richard Gomes

Roy Bagattini

Seth Ellison

Shelly Thigpen

Tom Fanoe

Tully and Elise Friedman

TWO-HORSE ($2,500 – $4,999)

Betty Grohman

Carl Buskirk

Christopher Clark

Haas Family Runners

Harmit Singh

Kira and Bradley Haas

Mary Jane Luck

Mary Palafox

Michael Smith

Pavan Pamidimarri

BATWING ($1,000 - $2,499)

Peter Jacobi

Ralph Briskin

Scott White

Spencer Fleischer

Tom Rafferty

Adam Woollerson

AJ Skains

Amber Mccasland

Amy Vine

Ann Ure

Anthony Toce

Bettina Sapien

Bev Beaudreault

Bob Siegel

Chris McCormick

Christi Halverson

Christiane Kunkel

Christopher Screnci

Daniel Wenzel

David Jedrzejek

David Reaume

Dennis Egge

Donald Platek

Donna Paulo

Edel Keville

Elizabeth Wood

Estelle Layton

Frank Garcia

Gerry Naegle

Gregory Gordon

Haluk Aksoy

Heidi Manes

Hubert Van Nuvel

Isabell Bogosian

Jeffery Harlowe

Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso

Jenny Calvert-Rodriguez

Jeremy Leaf

Jill Guenza

Jim Chriss

John Booker

John De Martino Jr

John De Shano

Jose Davila

Julie Stempin

Karen Scholl

Karthikeya Neelakanta Sarma

Kate Wagner

Katie O'Shea

Ken Sirlin

Kerry Connolly

Kerstin Ulf

Kimberly Veen

Lance Relicke

Larry Ruff

Leah Isla Dela Cruz

Len Bennett

Leo Isotalo

Leslie Ibarra

Lijim Lau

Linda Cullen

Lindsay Webbe

Margie Hanselman

Maria Tanya Estrella Gomez

Marion Lonn

Mark Grovich

Mary Fitz-Stephens

Mary McCurdy

Michael Kleine

Michaela Maychrowitz

Mildred Ferri

Molly Buckley

Nate Eubanks Jr

Neethling Prinsloo

Orla Hollub

Patricia Pineda

Phil Marineau

Prasanna Revankar

Richard Hurren

Roberto Carnabuci

Sanjeev Mohanty

Scott Clarke-Bryan

Shannon Davidson

Shelley Parsons

Stacey Stogner

Stephen Berube

Stephen Kelley

Susan Brennan

Tammie Abel

Tom Mallery

Vivien Park

Wade Webster

If you see any discrepancies in the list, please contact

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