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2016 Annual Report


Board President


Executive Director and Board Secretary


The Red Tab Foundation is a public, nonprofit foundation that assists LS&Co. employees, retirees and their families who face problems caused by unexpected financial emergencies. RTF provides financial assistance, education and preventive programs to help these individuals in their own efforts to maintain their financial, physical and emotional health.

2016 Annual Report

Friends and colleagues,


In 2016, the Red Tab Foundation (RTF) celebrated 35 years of providing hope, help and support to members of the Levi Strauss & Co. community. As we looked to our past to reflect on the organization’s legacy, we uncovered a quote in a report from LS&Co. Emergency Coordinators that elevated RTF from a passion project of our founder, Jerry O’Shea, to an organization owned and celebrated by all members of the LS&Co. community: “The need for the Red Tab Foundation is greater now than ever before. Society’s safety nets are breaking down and the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening.”

Although this argument for the importance of RTF’s work was penned nearly 30 years ago, the quote resonates in the face of today’s rapidly changing social and economic circumstances. In a time of uncertainty, the Red Tab Foundation remains a source of security and refuge for the most vulnerable members of our LS&Co. community.  This year, we have worked hard to build a stronger and more inclusive financial safety net for employees and retirees through our Emergency Assistance program.  We placed a renewed emphasis on listening to our clients and truly understanding what they need so we can serve them more effectively.  We also brought our global colleagues closer in 2016, forming new and stronger partnerships with local RTF ambassadors in more than 20 countries where employees work around the globe.

Though we are spread across the globe, as members of the LS&Co. family, we share a common thread.  We are exceptionally grateful to be able to carry out the daily work of caring for our employees and retirees, and your support makes that work possible.  As we continue to explore how best to serve our community over the next 35 years, we are humbled and emboldened by the legacy we honor and the community that we serve.   


Best wishes,


The need for the Red Tab Foundation is greater now than ever before. Society’s safety nets are breaking down and the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening.



Every year, the majority of our program dollars support our Emergency Assistance and Elder Care Needs programs.  In 2016, these programs protected more than 732 of our colleagues whose basic needs and quality of life were at risk.  Whether they faced eviction or emergency surgery, a crumbling roof, or a car repair they couldn’t afford, employees and retirees who needed Emergency Assistance found relief and refuge in the Red Tab Foundation. We also continue to care for the retired workers who made LS&Co. the place it is today, ensuring their comfort and dignity by providing eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental work and handicap accommodations to their homes.  Through these programs, our LS&Co. family knows that someone will be watching out for them in their most difficult times.   


Our proactive programs – Red Tab Savers, Red Tab Scholars and our financial education efforts – help employees have the tools and resources they need to create a strong financial future. In an effort to help individuals protect themselves against future financial shocks, the Red Tab Savers program incentivizes consistent savings behaviors by providing a $1 for $1 match. With this program, a relatively short engagement not only equips participants with $500 of short-term emergency savings but also creates a savings habit and confidence that lasts far longer than the six-month program. We are also helping families increase their financial potential through our Red Tab Scholars program. By supporting dependents of our employees in their post-secondary studies, we are investing in their futures and helping them achieve their dreams. Finally, we help both financial strivers and those who are struggling create a solid and sustainable plan for financial security through our workshops and financial counseling services.  Through asset building, education and financial tools, we are helping employees on the path to financial security. 


In 2016, the Red Tab Foundation

funded school books for



alleviating a major source of financial hardship for employees in our Epping factory.


There are



who can now engage more fully with their friends and family as a result of the hearing aids RTF funded in 2016.


emergencies averted


scholarships awarded



financial futures improved

$ 1.07M

in services








program administration & development




general & administrative




fundraising expenses



FORTY-NINER ($10,000+)

Chip Bergh

Robert Eckert

Theodore and Frances Geballe

Bob and Colleen Haas

Dan Haas

Elise Haas

Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund

Margaret E. Haas

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

Ginnie and Peter Haas

Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss Foundation

Kelly McGinnis

Joyce Stephens

SADDLEMAN ($5,000 – $9,999)

Troy Alstead

James Curleigh

Diana Dimitian

Bill Eaton Jr.

Roy and Betsy Eisenhardt

Seth Ellison

Tom Fanoe

Ken Fox

Bob Grohman

Julie and Wally Haas

Kira and Bradley J. Haas

Nicholas Meyer Haas

Seth Jaffe

David Love

Stephen Neal

Pete and Shelly Thigpen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tusher

Elizabeth Wood

TWO-HORSE ($2,500 – $4,999)

Linda Adams and Ken Larson

Jim Ansel

Carrie Ask

Roy Bagattini

Ralph Briskin

Bob Caldwell

Salvador Escobar

Huntington Farms

Richard Gomes

Ramiya  Iyer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jacobi

Rich Kuether

Mary Jane Luck

Liz O'Neill

Mary Palafox

Pavan Pamidimarri

Jim Phillips

Marc Rosen

Karen Scholl

Jen Sey

Harmit Singh

Michael Smith

Claire Swindell

Carl Von Buskirk

BATWING ($1,000 – $2,499)

Colin Anderson

Bev Beaudreault

Len Bennett

Tom Berry

Susan Brennan

Molly Buckley

Jonathan Carpenter

Dan Chew

Jim Chriss

Christopher Clark

Lisa Collier

Shannon Davidson

Jenifer Desofi

Melissa  DiRienzo

Dennis Egge

Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso

Nate Eubanks Jr.

Salvador Garcia

Barbara Gollert

Mark Grovich

Christi Halverson

Jeffery Harlowe

Karyn Hillman

Mike Howard

Leo Isotalo

David Jedrzejek

Stephen Kelley

Edel Keville

Harmon Kirsch

Mike and Miyoung Kleine

Lijim Lau

Mark Manocchio

Bob and Mary McCurdy

Greg McGinn

Margaret Moster

Gerry Naegle

Roland  Paanakker

Donna Paulo

Parker Phillips

Julie Pike

Don Platek

Tom Rafferty

Sadiq Rowther

Oscar Salazar

Mark Christopher Schulte

Chris Screnci

Mary Ann Shannon

Ken Sirlin

Julie Ellen Stempin

Ann Ure

Pascal Van Cutsem

Deborah Vander Bogart

Chuck Vrana

Wade Webster

Dan Wenzel

Scott White

ARCUATE ($500 – $999)

Vinod Alluri

Doug Arnold

Manuel Baigorri Soneiro

Tom Banks

John Booker

Gavin Brockett

David Cantrell

David Cardiff

Max Cowan

Liz Cronin

Ginnon Cunningham

Meredith Daane

Johnny De Martino

Robert Dellaporte

Julie Dentkos-Hearn

Paul Dillinger

Bill Dodd

Nita Dudley

Pam Duer

Ronald Durand

Kirk Eaton

Dean Edwards

Walter Ettlin

Dave Evans

Shannon Fitz-Stephens

Bobby Flemmons

Beth Ward Francesconi

Karla Francois

Jeffrey Friant

Bob Gargani

Francisco Gonzalez-
  Meza Hoffman

Gregory Gordon

Alan Gregson

Gary Grellman

Jill Guenza

Justin Harvey

Simon Haskell

Frank Hinkley

Marybeth Hitchcock

Kathleen Hodskins

Orla Hollub

Michael Huddleston

Kate Hughes

Nuholt  Huisamen

Rex Hull

Leah Isla De la Cruz

Florence Kamlung

Hazel King

Yuk Yu King

Michael Kobori

Larry Krause

Tuffy Kriegel

Marc Levy

Mary Beth Lilly

Marcos  Lopez

Kevin Lynch

Anne Madison

Elizabeth Magee

Jackie Major

Heidi Manes

Robert Marshall

David Martin

John Massey

Kaede Matsumoto

Phil Maultsby

Joe Maurer

Amber McCasland

Lorene Miller

Murad Minasian

Sanjeev Mohanty

Gavin Moore

Anthony Murray

JoAnne  Nichols

Steve O'Kane

Derek Okumura

Hector Osuna

Werner Pels

Ron Pepper

Susan Phinney

John Powers

John Prendergast

Neil Pryde

Larry Quenzer

Sharmin Recinella

Lance Relicke

Nathalie Renders

Kris Tulin Roberts

Patricia Robison

Douglas Roth

Auvy Ruelos

Larry Ruff

Florante Sabado

Paul Schneider

Jim Sender

Pascal Senkoff

John Serlin

Don Sevara

Vance Shore

Stacey Shulman

Bob Siegel

Bart Sights

Moises David Sosa

Monte Stagnaro

Randy Staniszewski

Brady Stewart

Bill Taylor

TJ Toce

Noah Treshnell

Kate Wagner

Anna Walker

Earl Watson

Timothy Wightman

Linda Wilder

Michelle Williamson

Erik Wolsky

Adam Woollerson

Marina Wright

Karen Youngblood

RIVET ($250 – $499)

Jeffrey Allison

Kimberly Almeida

Ben Alvers

Lynn Ambrose

Jennifer Aramburu

Gopinath Aravindan

Francis Arrastia

Lee Arrington

Luis Arteaga

Mel Bacharach

Joanne Bal

Justin Barratt

Grant Barth

Alexis Bechtol

Grant Beggs

Marti Beshore

Pat Biemer

Benjamin Blake

Linda Blank

Lesley Bleth

Brad Bolton

Chris Bolton

Londi Borrero-Lozano

Ludovic Boux

Leanna Breese

Bart Bright

Matt Brown

Kathy Burdge

Albana Bushi

Mauricio Cabezas

Joannie Cahill

Jenny Calvert

Lyvia Camerino

Natalie Castaneda

Donna Castro

Sue Ceccarelli

Richard Ceely

Tiffany Chang

Zack Chang

Anil Chilla

Charisse Chua

David Clancy

Ibby Clifford

George Colburn

Brad Couch

Lisa Cox

Shane Cullen

Andrew Cushing

Bailey deBruynkops

Elaine Delara

James Derouin

Stacy Doren

Mario Dumindin

Katherine Dykes

Bruno Echevin

Kathryn Farmer

Melanie Fox

Larry Franty

Akane Fukuya

Regina Galarneau

Frank Garcia

Amanda Gardner

Danielle Gentile

Laurent Giard

Nancy Gin

Michael Giordano

Brett Glickman

Malcolm Goonetileke

Joseph Graham

Dorota  Gutkowska

Linda Hafner

Margie Hanselman

James Harrison

Christyna Hartwick

Patricia Hayman

Rebekah Hazen

Amy Kent Heasman

Liz Heil

Kelli Hergert

Alan Hopeman

Brandy  Huff

Mario Hurtado

Arley Iribe

Courtney James

Chris Janci

Inge Jans

Abigail  Johnson

Adrienne Jonas

Mitsunobu Kadoi

Anupama Kapoor

Tom Kasten

Lee Keiper

Donna Kellow

Emil Knopf

Vickie Kretzer

Kristin Kulp

Suresh Kumar

Nancy Lacsamana

Sara Lanza Hickman

Lorie Larsen

Jennifer Larsen

Geoff Law

Daniel Lee

Robin Lewis

Eilen Liu

Rakesh Loonawat

Josef Lukan

Jensen Luther

Takumi Maemura

Terry Malouf

Lucia Marcuzzo

Gem Mateo

Nancy McAuliffe

Jason McBriarty

Austin McCune

Peter McKay

Kevin McKenna

Mary Mclaughlin

Mike Mecham

Quinn Mefford

Kaila Michalkiewicz

Kathy Miller

Amber Miller

Haley Mitgang

Amber Mlaker

Sarah Moholland

Colburn Mowry

Sandra Mullinax

Darla Myers

Anitha Narayanan

Angelo Ng

Debra Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

Brian Nixon

Shawn Noser

Kathy Oertli

Chris Ogle

Ingrid Ojeda

James Oldham

Tom Onda

Aida Orphan

Paul Osborne

Elzabeth Owen

Kelly Page

Maria Papapanagiotou

Eduardo Park

Meghan Parmelee

Kristopher Parra

Shelley  Parsons

Pranav Patel

Thor Patton

Laura Peterson

Marlin Pruitt

Laurence Raines

Saravana Ramaratnam

Victor Reed

Amber Rensen

Nicole Reyes

Paul Reynolds

Victoria Rieger

Karen Rilke

Markus Rinderknecht

Bryan Riviere

Jaime Robinovitz

Hugh Robinson

Marc Sanchis

Bettina Sapien

Karthik Sarma

Abigail Scheid

Tomas Schmidt

Gabriel Schoonjans

Tanya Shah

Gina Lynn Shanley

Christy Silva

Kristine Simeoni

Aneesh Singh

Tracy Ann Skibo

Maarten Slingerland

Nancy Smith

Colin Smith

James Snyder

George  Spellman

Matthew Spence

Margarita Spillman

Anne Spletzer

Janis Stafford

Geoff Stafford

Jean Stanley

Isaac Starr

Stacey Stogner

Catherine Tam

Ann Tang

Paul Todgham

Saim Tokatli

Lynn Tsui

Kristen Tupa

Lauren Uchrin

Kerstin Ulf

Bao Uy

Schalk Willem Van Der Merwe

Hubert Van Nuvel

Johanna Van Zee

Tim Veness

Conny Verelst

Cynthia Wainwright

Heather Walsh

Sean Wanigasekara

Marc Waser

Justin Whaley

Meredith Wheeler

Vanessa Widmann

Jennifer Winters

Bernie Wong

Monika Yungert

Susan and James Birmingham

Betsy Blalock

Kelley Blalock

Casey Blalock

Donna Gallo

Jodi Gomes

Brian Gregory

Katie O'Shea

Luke and Becky Scott

Jake Tomlitz

Sam Tomlitz

Todd and Nancy Tomlitz

Theresa Walsh


In 2016 the family of our co-founder, Jerry O'Shea, raised over $7,500 for the Red Tab Foundation.

Please visit our website for a complete list of donors.

Alphabetized by last name. If you see any discrepancies, please contact

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