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The Red Tab Foundation is a public, nonprofit foundation that assists LS&Co. employees, retirees and their families who face problems caused by unexpected financial emergencies. RTF provides financial assistance, education and preventive programs to help these individuals in their own efforts to maintain their financial, physical and emotional health.

2018 Annual Report

Friends and colleagues,


This last year has launched a new era for the Red Tab Foundation – one in which our resources are working harder to make a greater impact on the lives of our clients. We have more support from our LS&Co. community than ever before, and we are helping more people than ever recover from crisis and build strong financial futures. In the last year, we gave more than $1.2M to the most vulnerable members of our community, a 42 percent increase over the previous year.


At the beginning of the last fiscal year, RTF Executive Director Mary Palafox retired after a storied career at LS&Co. Under her leadership, we built a strong foundation and evolved into a more mature and modern organization that is deeply integrated within the LS&Co. community.  So, when we took the helm as co-leaders, we inherited an organization already firing on all cylinders.

The demand for RTF assistance has never been greater among current employees – we’ve had twice the number of employees request help in FY18 as any time in the past five years. As a string of natural disasters in the U.S. reminded us last fall, too many of our colleagues are vulnerable to an unexpected financial crisis – and being there when disaster strikes remains core to who we are. We are also proud to be branching out in new directions with the launch an innovative new program, Red Tab Savers, to retail and distribution center employees across the U.S. this spring. The program helps participants build financial resilience and establish a habit of saving by incentivizing employees to build their own safety net with a dollar-for-dollar match and financial education. In our first cohort of Savers, more than 10 percent of eligible employees seized the opportunity to partner with us to create a strong financial future for themselves. 


Delivering these high-impact programs takes substantial resources. Thankfully, the LS&Co. community has never been more supportive of RTF’s mission. We set another fundraising record this year, seeing double-digit growth in dollars raised for the fourth year in a row. 


We’ve also worked hard to make sure our operations are lean, so every donor dollar goes directly to programs and we are setting up RTF for a sustainable future. In FY18, we decreased our operating budget by 23 percent from the prior year, and modernized our back-office processes so that we can dedicate more time and money to the work that truly makes an impact – sharing success stories with our donors and colleagues, engaging our LS&Co. community and delivering robust programs to support our clients.


Thanks for all you do to help RTF make a difference.



We have more support from our LS&Co. community than ever before, and we are helping more people than ever recover from crisis and build strong financial futures.





Every year, the majority of our program dollars support our Emergency Assistance program.  In 2018, this program protected more than 933 of our colleagues whose basic needs and quality of life were at risk.  Whether they faced eviction or emergency surgery, a crumbling roof or a car repair they couldn’t afford, those who needed emergency assistance found relief and refuge in the Red Tab Foundation. We also continue to care for the retired workers who made LS&Co. the place it is today, ensuring their comfort and dignity by providing eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental work and handicap accommodations to their homes. Through these programs, our LS&Co. family knows that someone will be watching out for them in their most difficult times.

Jerome Arnold.jpg

Thank you so very much for helping us. I received the check today to catch up the house payments. Without your help we would have lost our home. The Red Tab Foundation is a lifesaver.


Our proactive programs – Red Tab Savers, Red Tab Scholars and our financial education efforts – help employees have the tools and resources they need to create a strong financial future. In an effort to help individuals protect themselves against future financial shocks, the Red Tab Savers program incentivizes consistent savings behaviors by providing a 1:1 match. This program not only equips participants with $500 in short-term emergency savings but also creates a savings habit and confidence that lasts far longer than the six-month program. We are also helping families increase their financial potential through our Red Tab Scholars program. By supporting dependents of our employees in their post-secondary studies, we are investing in their futures and helping them achieve their dreams. Finally, we offer workshops and financial counseling to help employees create a sustainable plan for financial security.


Thanks to the Red Tab Savers program, I had enough money in my savings account to cover the lodging expenses for my family when we were evacuated during the California wildfires. Not having to worry about money really relieved some of the stress of facing a situation that is completely out of your control.





emergencies averted



scholarships awarded




financial futures improved



in services





In 2018, the Red Tab Foundation saw a

160% increase in helping employees handle the impacts of natural disasters.



RTF’s typical grantee in AMA is the primary earner for a large extended family. We offer critical support to keep these households out of debt so that they can begin to save for the future.






program administration & development


general & administrative


fundraising expenses



Cash & Other Assets






Accounts Payable

Due to LS&Co.








FORTY-NINER ($10,000+)

Troy Alstead

Charles Bergh

Bill Eaton Jr.

Robert Eckert

Frances and Theodore Geballe

Colleen and Bob Haas

Dan Haas

Elise Haas

Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund

Ginnie and Peter Haas, Jr.

Margaret Haas

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss Foundation

Kelly McGinnis

Stephen Neal

Joyce Stephens

SADDLEMAN ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jim Ansel

Carrie Ask

Jill Beraud

Harry Cohn

James Curleigh

Diana Dimitian

Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

Seth Ellison

Dave Evans

Spencer Fleischer

Elise and Tully Friedman

Phyllis Friedman

Richard Gomes

Jennifer Haas

Julie and Wally Haas

Nicholas Haas

Seth Jaffe

Ken Larson and Linda Adams

David Love

Chris McCormick

Liz O'Neill

Pavan Pamidimarri

Marc Rosen

Thomas Tusher

Nicolas Versloot

Lindsay Webbe

Elizabeth Wood

TWO-HORSE ($2,500 – $4,999)

Roy Bagattini

Casey Blalock

Ralph Briskin

Bob Caldwell

Tom Fanoe

Ken Fox

Betty Grohman

Kira and Bradley J. Haas

Nuholt Huisamen

Huntington Farms

Peter Jacobi

Lijim Lau

Mary Jane Luck

Susan Mahalak

Jim Phillips

Tom Rafferty

Jennifer Sey

Harmit Singh

Michael Smith

Cathy Unruh

Carl Von Buskirk

BATWING ($1,000 – $2,499)

Gopinath Aravindan

Manuel Baigorri Soneiro

Bev Beaudreault

Len Bennett

Stephen Berube

Susan Brennan

Molly Buckley

David Cardiff

John Chappell

Dan Chew

Jim Chriss

Christopher Clark

Kerry Connolly

Shannon Davidson

John De Shano

Melissa Dirienzo

Dennis Egge

Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso

Walter Ettlin

Nate Eubanks Jr

Mildred Ferri

Frank Garcia

Ronda Gill

Barbara Gollert

Gregory Gordon

Mark Grovich

Jill Guenza

Christi Halverson

Jeffery Harlowe

Karyn Hillman

Leah Isla Dela Cruz

Leo Isotalo

David Jedrzejek

Stephen Kelley

Edel Keville

Michael Kleine

Tuffy Kriegel

Calvin Lam

Teresa Lara

Nelson Leung

Kevin Lynch

Natalie MacLennan

Anne Madison

Tom Mallery

Mark Manocchio

David Martin

Michaela Maychrowitz

Amber McCasland

Mary McCurdy

Peter Mckay

Sanjeev Mohanty

Claire O'Shea

Katie O'Shea

Mary Palafox

Vivien Park

Donna Paulo

Julie Pike

Patricia Pineda

Donald Platek

John Prendergast

Neethling Prinsloo

John Quandt

Dhinakaran R.

Lance Relicke

Oscar Salazar

Bettina Sapien

Michael Schindler

Karen Scholl

Mark Christopher Schulte

Becky and Luke Scott

Christopher Screnci

Bob Siegel

James Sights

Ken Sirlin

Randall Staniszewski

Julie Stempin

Donna and John Tewart

Anthony Toce

Nancy Tomlitz

Kerstin Ulf

Schalk Van Der Merwe

Hubert Van Nuvel

Wade Webster

Daniel Wenzel

Scott White

Timothy Wightman

Michelle Williamson

Adam Woollerson

Marina Wright

ARCUATE ($500 – $999)

Chadwick Abbott

Tammie Abel

Nealan Afsari

Vinod Alluri

Colin Anderson

Doug Arnold

Francis Arrastia

Joanne Bal

Alphaeus Bautista

Tomas Berry

Kelley Blalock

John Booker

Bart Bright

Kathryn Burdge

Jenny Calvert

David Cantrell

Andreas Carli

Susan Ceccarelli

Jonathan Cheung

Alexandra Chrysiliou

Calvin Chung

Christopher Conrad

Max Cowan

Christine Crosetti

Meredith Daane

Jose Davila

Robert Dellaporte

John De Martino Jr

Julie Dentkos Hearn

James Derouin

Jenifer Desofi

Paul Dillinger

Lien Do

Bill Dodd

Tama Donaldson

Stacy Doren

Carol Dore

Nenita Dudley

Pam Duer

Ronald Durand

Dean Edwards

Kathryn Farmer

Mark Fischer

Walter Fong

Karla Francois

Melvin Franty

Jeffrey Friant

Donna Gallo

Salvador Garcia

Bob Gargani

Brett Glickman

Alan Gregson

Gary Grellman

Yulia Groza

Linda Hafner

Margie Hanselman

Marilyn and Harry Harrison

Lan and Alan Hed

Frank Hinkley

Kathleen Hodskins

Orla Hollub

Patrick Holzfaster

LaDonna and Victor Horwitz

Michael Howard

Michael Huddleston

Rex Hull

Saidislom Israilov

Stanley Iwata

Aditi Jain

Florence Kamlung

Dara Karnofsky

Donna Keon

Hazel King

Jodie Kirk

Harmon Kirsch

Samantha Klobucar

Emil Knopf

Carolyn Korchik

Larry Krause

Christiane Kunkel

Nancy Lacsamana

Jennifer Larsen

Estelle Layton

Daniel Lee

Helen Li

Iok Loi

Elizabeth Magee

Jacquelyn Major

Heidi Manes

Meredith Mariottini

Robert Marshall

Gerald Maschino

John Massey II

Phillip Maultsby

Joe Maurer

Sarah Mayhue

Kevin Mckenna

Lorene Miller

Patricia Milliken

Murad Minasian

Sanjay Mishra

Amber Mlaker

Sarah Moholland

Margaret Moster

JoAnne Nichols

Steve O'Kane

Chris Ogle

Aida Orphan

Elizabeth Owen

Kristopher Parra

Shelley Parsons

Werner Pels

Ron Pepper

Parker Phillips

Susan Phinney

John Powers

Charlotte and Josh Prime

Andrew Prowd

Rebecca Prowda

Ajaya Prudhivi

Neil Pryde

Larry Quenzer

Victoria Rieger

Claudia Roggenkamp

Sadiq Rowther

Florante Sabado

Karthikeya Neelakanta Sarma

Paul Schneider

James Sender

Pascal Senkoff

Barry Shafran

Mary Ann Shannon

Helery Grace Shinzato

Christy Silva

Melissa Sims

Julie Skahill

Corey Smith

Nancy Smith

Reese Smith

George Spellman

Anne Spletzer

Miranda Stephani

Brady Stewart

Stacey Stogner

Shirley Strange

Susanne St Onge-Simpson

Paul Sweet

Aman Talib

Ann Tang

Sarah Taylor

Dana Thomas

Todd and Jake Tomlitz

Ann Ure

Jürgen-Georg Van Dyck

Rod Van Straten

Kate Wagner

Cynthia Wainwright

Elizabeth Ward Francesconi

Shelly Watson

Richard Westrich

Linda Wilder Cullen

Huailing Wu

Jimmy Yee

RIVET ($250 – $499)

Rich Adler

Wolfram Ahonen

Haluk Aksoy

Linda Aletto Blank

Michael Alexander

Jeffrey Allison

Kimberly Almeida

Zameer Andani

Leslie Armstrong

Lee Arrington

Eduardo Avila

Marilee Avteniev

Pamela Bacani

Sagarika Banerjee

Justin Barratt

Edgar Bedolla

Michael Bergen

Kelly Bernal

Jorge Bernales

Sandrine Besnard-Corblet

Vishal Bhalla

Patrick Biemer

Lesley Bleth

Rita Bocanegra

Mary Bolf

Brad Bolton

Chris Bolton

Londi Borrero-Lozano

Danielle Borschnack

Ronald Bowman

Kelly Boyles-Claytor

Gavin Brockett

Linda Brosseau

David Buckley

Lisa Burkheimer

Christopher Bush

Albana Bushi

Victoria Cao

Susan Casey

Richard Ceely

Eric Champion

Emma Chan

Marissa Chang

Tiffany Chang

Rhern Whee Robin Chee

Raghu Rama Giri Prasad Chemala Venkata

Vic Chen

Yu-Jung Chen

Lia Chi

Anil Srinivas Chilla

Janine Chilton-Faust

Fong Yun Chin

Charisse Chua

Scott Clarke-Bryan

George Colburn

Carlos Collins

Wayne Colvin

William Couch

Sherry Cramer

Zachariah Crittendon

Liz Cronin

Amanda Mae Cruz

Santiago Cucci

Andrew Cushing

Dan Dahl

Marc Dambremez

Dirk Dello

Colleen Derstine

Duncan De Wet

Kathleen Dinetz

Mark Domingo

Kathleen Donnelly

Bruno Echevin

Allison and Jesse Eisenhardt

Elizabeth Eisenhardt

Eric Enders

Erin Epps

Sam Espindola

Joshua Farrell

Anastasia Fink

Nathan Fitzpatrick

Ed Flick

Doug Flores

Regina Galarneau

Kiera Ganann

Amanda Gardner

Nancy Gin

Yajurvendrasinh Gohil

Tanya Maria Estrella Gomez

Diane Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez-Meza Hoffmann

Caroline Goodman

Amanda Gordon

Joseph Graham
Mark Gripshover
Nada Grkinich
Venkatesh Gundlupet Anandaram
Naomi Gunzel
Rachel Hall
Christian Herve Hauville
Rebekah Hazen
Ashley Henderson
Joseph Henwood
Ann Heurlin
Carol Hiraoka
Marybeth Hitchcock
John Holford
Jessica Hsieh
Mario Hu
James Hudson
Brandy Huff
Rachael Hurd
Richard Hurren
Mario Hurtado
Maritza Hy
Deborah Ingram
Tina Jang
Patricia Jauregui
Lauren Johnson
Adrienne Jonas
Catherine Jones
David Jones
Maria Jones
Irwin Jose
Alicia Kapjian-Pitt
Anupama Kapoor
Christina Karmen
Kumar Kartikeya
Tom Kasten
Amy Kent Heasman
Mohammad Naseem Khan
Eliza Koshland
Sameer Koul
Sheena Kunhiraman
Suresh Kumar Kuppureddy Ponnuswamy
Ricky Labrado
Truman Lam
Edward Lara
Lorie Larsen
Leslye Lauer
Jeremy Leaf
Dina Lee
Morgan Lee
Fatima Leung
Steve Levandowski
Peter Lewin
Audrey Siew Khim Lim
Jacob Little
Vivian Lo
Jessica Locke
Marcos Lopez
Josef Lukan
Daniel Lurie
Lan Ly
Donald Lyle-Edrosolo
Hing Man Mak
Tarun Malik
Vishal Mankotia
Lucia Marcuzzo
Charis Marquez
Michael Martinez
Laura Maxey
Nancy McAuliffe
Jason Mcbriarty
Cathleen Mccarthy
Mike Mccullough
Austin McCune
Michael Mecham
Quinn Mefford
Laura Menke
Daniel Mettee
Amber Miller
Michael Millstein
Lisa Mitchell Williams
Robert Moons
Bruce Mori
Michael Mosby
Torsten Mueller
Deotima Mukherjee
Sandra Mullinax
Una Murphy
Anthony Murray
Barbara Murrer
Anitha Narayanan
Mary Jo Nash
Brian Nixon

Tiani Michelle Nixon
Angelo Ng
Shawn Noser
Ingrid Ojeda
Thomas Onda
Paul Osborne
Jesus Osuna
Kelly Page
Eduardo Park
Sophie Paruit
Thor Patton
Alexandra Pepin
Renee Perdomo
Leah Perez
Cara Phillips
Sue Chi Pok
Paul Pollard
Sergey Pospolitak
Alexander Pundyk
Jose Quiroga
Srikrishna Ramani
Torsten Rath
Sharmin Recinella
Victor Reed
Lisa Relth
Karen Rilke
Hugh Robinson
Anne Liza Roca
Paul Rosas
Julie Rose
Franklin Russell
Lisa Saif
Rene Saroukhanoff
Laura Sato
Benjamin Saunders
Tully Schenkel
Brian Secrest
Philip Seelinger
Nimrah Shaukat
Jiani Shen
Doug Shimosaka
Mary Shoval
Stephanie Siems
Rui Silva Araujo
Shailendra Singh
Alexander Skains
Maarten Slingerland
James Snyder
Yun Song
Moises Sosa
Ivan Spiers
Margarita Spillman
Janis Stafford
Belinda Stahlecker
Kristin Stark
Isaac Starr
Lisa Stirling
Madelyn Storey
Desiree Strain
Maureen Stivale
Sean Sullivan
Claire Swindell
Cherry Tam
Paul Todgham
Leslie Townsend
Melissa Trevino
Kris Tulin-Roberts
Paula Urrutia
Venkat Vakkalanka
Caley Van Brunt
Meisje Vandergroen
Courtney Vander Linden
William Van Hest
Amy Vine
Hs Vishwanath
Anna Walker
Heather Walsh
Christopher Walters
John Wang
Doree Wendling
Justin Whaley
Katherine Wong
Justin Wong
Christian Woodruff
Eun-Ha Yang
Victoria You
Karen Youngblood
Carly Yu
Monika Yungert
Eduardo Zanatti
Adam Zloto

In FY18 the family of our co-founder, Jerry O'Shea, raised more than $8,000 for the Red Tab Foundation.

Susan Birmingham

Casey Blalock

Kelley Blalock

Donna Gallo

Claire O'Shea

Katie O'Shea

Luke Scott

Nancy Tomlitz

Todd Tomlitz



If you see any discrepancies in the list, please contact

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