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2015 Annual Report

Peter E. Haas Jr.

Board President

Mary Palafox

Executive Director and Board Secretary


The Red Tab Foundation is a public, nonprofit foundation that assists LS&Co. employees, retirees and their families who face problems caused by unexpected financial emergencies. RTF provides financial assistance, education and preventative programs to help these individuals in their own efforts to maintain their financial, physical and emotional health.

2015 Annual Report

We delivered $1,094,198 in relevant services in 2015 to help over 960 people get through life’s unpredictable challenges.  You’ll hear the gratitude for our services and the sense of hope we provide expressed directly by several of our grantees within this report.  Knowing that their colleagues cared enough about them to provide support is often just the inspiration a Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) employee or retiree needs to keep going in spite of a devastating setback. 


Whether helping an employee with a funeral or a retiree with winter heating fuel, the Red Tab Foundation is a dependable and respected resource.  We also are proud of the innovative financial literacy work we are doing with the 2015 pilot of the Red Tab Savers program, designed to help employees develop confidence as they work to build their own financial safety net. We launched the pilot last year, starting with a group of U.S. distribution center and retail workers; and this year, our board has endorsed expanding the program.

This year was made more exceptional due to the tremendous fundraising support from our LS&Co. community. We received the greatest number of employee donations in the foundation’s history in 2015. Chip Bergh, LS&Co. President & CEO, set an impressive precedent of giving through the Pete Haas and Chip Bergh $150,000 Red Tab Challenge Match. The leadership team followed suit with additional challenges across the company. Excluding a one time donation from LS&Co. in our previous fiscal year, we saw a 15% increase in total dollars raised from 2014 to 2015. We appreciate the vote of confidence from all our donors — from employees to former executives, shareholders, Haas family members and LS&Co. board members — supporting the Red Tab Foundation is a way for us to support our friends and family. The donations and support from so many current and former employees exemplifies our motto, “Employees helping employees”.



The Red Tab Foundation continues to be a valued resource and a defining element of our culture and values, as has been its legacy for many years. As we approach the Red Tab Foundation’s 35th Anniversary this year, we express our gratitude for your involvement and support of our work. Thank you for your generosity – it makes a difference and helps us make LS&Co. a healthier, happier and more hopeful community.



colleagues assisted


scholarships awarded



in services delivered


The Emergency Assistance Program addresses critical unexpected financial emergencies such as major illness/injury, death and disaster.  The assistance is need-based and intended to address at-risk basic life necessities (housing, utilities, food and medicine). Most employees who seek assistance work in LS&Co. factories, distribution centers and retail stores around the globe. In addition to helping in times of crisis, RTF provides assistance to LS&Co. retirees, their spouses and surviving spouses.  The vast majority of retirees who request aid are former sewing machine operators in their 70’s and 80’s. Common needs include eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, handicap accessories and winter heating fuel.



RTF provides proactive services to help LS&Co. employees and retirees pursue their financial goals through their own efforts. These services include basic financial literacy workshops and access to financial tools and resources. We also provide free access to certified financial counselors to help individuals budget, overcome debt and regain financial stability.
In 2015, RTF launched a matched savings pilot program in partnership with EARN, an asset-building non-profit organization. The program is designed to help lower income employees improve their financial capabilities and the pilot involved LS&Co. distribution and retail employees, many of whom were self-described as non-savers. More than half successfully completed the program by making regular deposits into savings over a six-month period. These employees saved nearly $300 on average and are generally doing a better job managing their spending. A second release is planned in Spring 2016.



The Red Tab Scholars Program provides need and merit-based scholarships of up to USD $1,500 for dependents of LS&Co. employees and retirees.  Dependents enrolled in two- and four-year universities or accredited vocational programs are eligible to apply.  







program administration & development




general & administrative




fundraising expenses



FORTY-NINER ($10,000+)

Troy Alstead

Chip Bergh

Kathleen and Robert Eckert

Phyllis K. Friedman

Theodore and Frances Geballe

Bob and Colleen Haas

Daniel Haas

Elise Haas

Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund

Peter and Ginnie Haas

Margaret E. Haas

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss Foundation

Kelly L. McGinnis

Len Olsson

Joyce Stephens

SADDLEMAN ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jill Beraud

Harry Cohn

Lisa Collier

Bill and Judy Eaton

Roy and Betsy Eisenhardt

Caroline and Spencer Fleischer

Tully and Elise Friedman

Bob Grohman

Julie and Wally Haas

Kira and Bradley Haas

Nicholas Meyer Haas

Seth Jaffe

Stephen Neal

Anne Rohosy

Pete and Shelly Thigpen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tusher

TWO-HORSE ($2,500 – $4,999)

Jim Ansel

Ralph Briskin

Seth Ellison

Salvador Escobar

Tom Fanoe

Ken Fox

Richard Gomes

Huntington Farms

Ramiya Iyer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jacobi

Ken Larson and Linda Adams

David Love

Mary Jane Luck

Mary Palafox

James and Meredith Phillips

Marc Rosen

Jen Sey

Harmit Singh

Carl Von Buskirk

BATWING ($1,000 – $2,499)

Larry Barkie

Bev Beaudreault

Len Bennett

Casey Blalock

Susan Brennan

Molly Buckley

Bob Caldwell

Jim Chriss

Dan Chew

David Clancy

Shannon Davidson

John De Shano

Joe Don Long

Dennis Egge

Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso

Nathaniel Eubanks, Jr.

Frank Garcia

Barbara Gollert

Mark Grovich

Christiann Halverson

Jeffrey Harlowe

Mike Howard

K & L Premium Properties

Edel Keville

Harmon Kirsch

Mike and Miyoung Kleine

Rich Kuether

Levi Strauss & Co. Asia Pacific Division

Lijim Lau

Marc Levy

LinkedIn Corporation

Tom Mallery

Phil Marineau

Bob and Mary Mccurdy

Gerry Naegle

Roland Paanakker

Don Platek

Tom Rafferty

Sadiq Rowther

Oscar Salazar

Karen Scholl

Chris Screnci

Mary Ann Shannon

Ken Sirlin

Michael Smith

Julie Ellen Stempin

Jennifer Tang

Todd and Nancy Tomlitz

Ann Ure

Lindsay Webbe

Wade Webster

Elizabeth Wood

Marina Wright

ARCUATE ($500 – $999)

Colin Anderson

Vinod Alluri

Doug Arnold

Lee Arrington

Roy Bagattini

Manuel Baigorri

Samir Bajaj

John Booker

Londi Borrero-Lozano

Albana Bushi

Joannie Cahill
Marion Camak
David Cantrell
John Chappell
Raghu Chemala Venkata
Jonathan Cheung
Ibby Clifford
Max Cowan
Ginnon Cunningham
James Curleigh
Meredith Daane
Robert Dellaporte
Julie Dentkos-Hearn
Jenifer Desofi
Melissa DiRienzo
Carol Dore
Nita Dudley
Shannon Fitz-Stephens
Bobby Flemmons
Karla Francois
Alan Gregson
Gary Grellman
Rex Hull
Leah Isla Dela Cruz
Pam Duer
Jeffrey Friant

Salvador Garcia

Jean-Christophe Gerard

Beth Gumm
Hoffman Estates Sales Office
Frank Hinkley
Florence Kamlung
Tom Kasten
Stephen Kelley
Kathleen Kendrick
Hazel King
Bruce Knoll
Larry Krause
Nancy Lacsmana
Steve Levandowski
Shaun Lewis
Janie Ligon
Mary Beth Lilly
Heidi Manes
Robert Marshall
David Martin
Gerald Maschino
John Massey
Phil Maultsby
Joe Maurer
Amber McCasland
Maureen McElroy
Lorene Miller
Murad Minasian
Amber Mlaker
Sarah Moholland
Steve O'Kane
Aida Orphan
Donna Paulo
Werner Pels
Ron Pepper

Susan Phinney

John Powers

Larry Quenzer

Hugh Robinson

Karen Santiago
Ramon Santos
James Sender
John Serlin
Don Sevara
Roderic Seymore
Gina Lynn Shanley
Bob Siegel
Susanne St. Onge-Simpson
Randy Staniszewski
Claire Swindell
Bill Taylor
TJ Toce
Johanna Van Zee
Deborah Vander Bogart
Tim Veness
Chuck Vrana
Kate Wagner
Cynthia Wainwright
Beth Ward Francesconi
Earl Watson
Dan Wenzel
Richard Westrich
Timothy Wightman
Linda Wilder
Michelle Williamson
Adam Woollerson
William Yandell
Karen Youngblood
Monika Yungert
Ming Zhao

RIVET ($250 – $499)

Larry Allen

Jeffrey A. Allison

Sandra L. Alvarez

Jennifer Aramburu

Francis Arrastia

Mel Bacharach

Michael Bacon

Alexis Bechtol

Marti Beshore

Benjamin Blake

Linda Aletto Blank

Lesley Bleth

Christopher Bloor-Evans

Brad Bolton

Bart Bright

Kathy Burdge

Lisa Burkheimer

De Calvert

Jenny Calvert

Lyvia Camerino

David Cardiff

Andreas Carli

Carlos Carrillo

Richard Ceely

Tiffany Chang

Zack Chang

Jody Christiansen

Nicolas Ciobanu

Betsy Connolly

Lupe Cope

Liz Cronin

Andrew Cushing

Lavendor Dangerfield

James William Derouin

Johnny De Martino

Kathleen Dinetz

Larry Dotz

Pamela Ettlin

Dave Evans

Joe Forsythe

Paul  Friedland

Bob Gargani

Nancy Gin

Brett Glickman

Steve Goldstein

Lauren Gotelli

Joseph Graham

Nada Grkinich

Jill Guenza

Linda Hafner

Margie Hanselman

Steve Hanson

Anne Harold

James Harrison

Marilyn and Harry Harrison

Christyna Hartwick

Patricia Hayman

Erin Heiny

Martha Hernandez

Jennifer Hewitt

Marybeth Hitchcock

Kathleen Hodskins

Orla Hollub

Marcos Homedes

Leroy Hooker

Alan Hopeman

Michael Huddleston

Mario Hurtado

Alyx  Husted

Chris Janci

Susan Jayubo

Abigail Johnson

Adrienne Jonas

Amy Kent Heasman

Susan and Jim Kilgore

Emil Knopf

Michael Kobori

Vickie Kretzer

Nancy Ku

Julia Kulbatzki

Kristin Kulp

Meredith LaBerge

Jennifer Larsen

Dina Lee

Nicole Lindsey

Marcos Lopez

Susan Mahalak

Marco Maiolo

Srivatchava Marella

Angela Marsh

Ronda Martinez

Marjorie Mays

Nancy McAuliffe

Marion Mccall

Kristen McCloud

Mike Mccullough

Peter McKay

Kevin McKenna

Mike Mecham

Kathy Miller

Gavin Moore

Kelly Moss

Anthony Murray

Ross Murray

Debra Nguyen

Brian Nixon

Derek Okumura

Paul Osborne

Patricia Owyang

Kelly Page

Joo Park

Kristopher Parra

Shelley Parsons

Pranav Patel

Lisa Patterson

Bruce Pederson

Michelle Pefley


Geoff Perrin

Parker Phillips

Sue Pok

John Quandt

Murshed Alam Qureshi

Sharmin Recinella

Victor Reed

Anne Reinsch

Nathalie Renders

Amber Rensen

Paul Reynolds

Victoria Lynn Rieger

Karen Rilke

Julie Rose

Douglas Roth

Florante Sabado

David Saenz

Marc Sanchis

Tomas Schmidt

Elizabeth Scott

Sue Senior

Marta Senz

Alanna Shipley

Mary Shoval

Jessica Sikora

Christy Silva

Colin Smith

James Smith

Nancy Smith

James Snyder

Moises David Sosa

George Spellman

Anil Srinivas

Janis Stafford

Lindsey Ann Steiger

Miranda Stephani

Stacey Stogner

Jill Sykes

Aman Talib

Ann Tang

Kylie Tasker

Kelley Thompson

Kathy Tillou

Noah Treshnell

Lynn Tsui

Kris Tulin Roberts

Valerie Van Namen

Jean-Claude Dujardin Van Rooyen

Anna Walker

Heather Walsh

Radha Weaver

Meredith Wheeler

Scott White

Jennifer Winters

Erik Wolsky

Joseph Wong

Julia Yu

Connie Yung

Adam Zloto 

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